Transcription Services

Protelo is a one-stop transcription services provider in Chennai, India with over millions of audio/video minutes transcribed for its customers from various industries into various languages.  We are your trusted source for accurate, quick transcription service. Our multi-lingual transcribers come from a multitude of backgrounds to ensure that your transcript expectations are met to perfection. In fact, our goal is to provide professional transcription services to you by guaranteeing 99.7% accuracy for good source quality audio/video.

Fields of expertise


We extend medical transcription Services primarily to healthcare providers across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and many other countries since 2011. Since our inception, we have qualitatively transcribed over 10 million lines and counting. Our medical transcription services are available for individual physicians, clinics, hospitals, and MTSOs. They are highly cost effective with quick turnaround time ranging from 2-24 hours.

Our medical transcription service includes:

  • Cardiology Transcription
  • Orthopaedic Transcription
  • Radiology Transcription
  • Gynaecology Transcription
  • Dermatology Transcription
  • All other medical transcriptions

We provide high quality academic transcription services adhering to your specific instructions, guidelines with our error free transcription capabilities. Our years of transcription experience allows us to provide you the best accuracy as well as the understanding of your specific instruction related to transcribing your audio. We do have rigorous selection criteria to employ academic transcribers who have expertise in meeting your requirements effectively in all spheres particularly quality, turnaround time, and maintaining the confidentiality of data.  

Our academic transcription service includes:

  • Research Interview transcription.
  • Academic Interview Transcription.
  • Transcription of theses.
  • Transcription for student projects.
  • Transcription of academic lectures.
  • All other university transcription services or school transcription services to researchers, professors, students, and authors.

We provide high quality and reliable business transcription services at budget pricing with zero quality compromise. Our team comprises most experienced business transcriptionists all over the world who constantly keep themselves abreast with the news and updates of the business world internationally. Group discussion sessions are conducted every week wherein they share their knowledge and weekly experience with each other to enhance their vocabulary and knowledge to maintain consistently higher quality standards.

Our business transcription specializes in:

  • Earning Call transcription.
  • Meeting transcription.
  • Seminar transcription
  • Teleconference transcription
  • Board meeting transcription
  • Interview transcription
  • Transcription of quarterly results of public companies
  • And many more….

Many people believe the need for dictation transcription services is dying out. Interestingly, the case is quite the opposite: more and more people are discovering that outsourcing their dictation transcription is a very appealing option. We see many types of documents. 

We have experts with 20+ years of experience in:
• Legal transcription: Court case transcription.
• Police & law enforcement transcription: Dictating police reports and complex multi-speaker interviews with suspects and witnesses
• Medical transcription: Patient reports and IMEs, chart reviews
• Academic transcription: Interviews and notes and video transcripts for students preparing theses, ethnography studies
• Research transcription: Results of tests and interviews

Focus Group

Focus groups are a market research tool. In a focus group, a group of people is gathered to discuss a product or service. The participants are usually shown a product or marketing materials and they are asked to voice their impressions. It is a fast and interactive way to test a segment of the market. Most market researchers find that a focus group with 8-12 participants yield useful data. Focus Groups are important for research and feedback. As there are many people involved, it is easier to record the process and later convert to text. This also makes it possible to have a highly accurate version of what exactly took place.  

Our focus group transcription team specialises in:
• Transcribing from 3 speakers to 12 speakers audio/video file.
• Expertise in deciphering participants’ voice.
• Time Coding or time stamping.
• Verbatim and non verbatim transcription.
• Covers any language in the world.


No matter what the subject of your interview is, our team of 50+ transcribers gives us the freedom to assign your technically strong vocabulary subjects to the subject specialist, who ensures best quality transcription meeting international standards. We transcribe interviews in all the subject domains including:

  • Medical Interview Transcription.
  • Technology Interview Transcription
  • Media Interview Transcription
  • Research Interview Transcription for your Thesis.
  • Food & Beverage Interview Transcription.
  • Autobiography Interview Transcription.
  • Many More…..

We also undertake the long running interview transcription assignments on project basis, e.g. if you are conducting a set of interview for writing autobiography, selected vacancy, research, etc., which is expected to be spread over months, we provide the tailored solution to meet your requirements.


For quick settlement of claims and expedite the process of claim investigations, it is eminent to have the accurately transcribed statements, notes, insurance interviews ready with the company.  

Whether the statement is recorded telephonically or face to face, our insurance transcription service assists in fastening your claim settlement process. We work closely with our clients and don’t let our clients to have a feeling that their process is getting executed through outsourcing. 

We duly understand that each customer has different specifications and requirements. Therefore, we prioritize client specified transcription styles for quality transcription and follow three-tier quality control system to ensure maximum accuracy and strict compliance to turnaround time.


We completely understand your needs and assure you a supportive backend professional transcription organization to manage your regular and less frequent legal transcription needs. Our highly experienced team of legal transcriptionists provides accurate and short turnaround legal transcription services. The expertise, reference material, technology, and most importantly, the intellectual assets we possess in the form of experience of our transcriptionists helps in providing 99% accurate transcription in legal areas. 

Our legal transcription team specialises in:
• Arbitration Transcription
• Deposition Transcription
• Memorandum Transcription
• Wiretap Transcription
• Verbatim Transcription
• General Correspondence
• Court Proceeding Transcription
• Trial Transcription
• All Other Legal Transcriptions

Market Research

Companies who do the market research either themselves or get the market research of their products and services through professional market research organizations to get the customer feedback of their product, the vivid usage of their products, to determine the proposed life cycle of their product, etc. require backend professional market research transcription organisation. We have developed strong and specialized team to provide the market research transcription services with good quality and quick turnaround time. We realize the vitality of accurately transcribed documents for research firms and companies to take business critical decisions to justify the huge money spent. Our team is capable to categorize and identify the speakers in addition to the time stamping. We understand the importance of every participant’s views, comments and thoughts in the audio or video and endeavor to transcribe those accurately even if the recording is outdoor or overlapped.


We offer high quality media transcription services at competitive prices. Protelo’s team comprises most experienced media transcribers who constantly keep themselves abreast with the news and updates of the media world internationally. We do understand that the turnaround time in media transcription can be very short and hence we keep our resources planned and managed to face any new transcription challenge within your desired turnaround time from 4-48 hours without compromising in the service levels.

Our media transcription services include:

  • Transcription of On and Off camera screenplay.
  • Time coding of transcribed data.
  • Transcription of documentaries and films.
  • Transcription of reality shows, talk shows, and other television shows.
  • Transcription of News, podcasts, radio broadcasts.
  • Celebrity interviews.

Many organizations have their marketing contents in the form of podcast recordings. The internet search engines sometimes do not recognize the audio formats for better listing of your website in them and they only recognize the written content and hence the need of podcast transcription arises.

Numerous organizations, authors, professors, singers, gurus, and other professionals have been benefitted by converting their podcast recordings into the text and have used that content for training, internet marketing, etc. At Protelo, we have good amount of experience in podcast transcription and we work smartly while transcribing the podcasts by keeping in mind the usage of end content. 

Our Podcast Transcription Services include :

  • Podcast Transcription
  • Streamed Transcription
  • General Transcription
  • Verbatim Transcription
  • All Other Interview Transcriptions
Text - Text

We offer high quality and reliable text to text transcription or in other words data conversion services at budget pricing while maintaining high quality level. Our team comprises most experienced, academically strong digital data entry personnel with good typing and reading skills.  Our text to text transcription service includes:

  • Conversion of PDF/JPG files to MS Word or MS Excel.
  • Conversion of handwritten notes to MS word or Excel.
  • And much more..

This service has been useful for:

  • Business houses to convert their old records or copy of faxes into digital format. .
  • Doctors who don’t prefer to dictate and believes in traditional hand writing of their clinic notes or operative notes.
  • Attorneys who write their case related notes instead of typing themselves or dictating.
  • Professors, students, and researchers.