Photography Services

At Protelo, our mission is our motto: to provide clients with superior and affordable product photography. Whether you’re a small start-up or a Fortune 500 Company, we’re invested in making your Business Look its Best with our product photography services. Our Professional photographers with their years of experience are well-versed with how they can bring out the best in any product, irrespective of its nature and use. They make sure that all the aspects from the lighting to the background and the camera angles are perfect to ensure superior photographs of the product. Most importantly, we can provide you with customised copyrighted photography from any part of the world.

Commercial Photography


Today, it is all about attracting the customers the right way. Irrespective of what your line of products or the kind of platform that you showcase these on, what you need is expert commercial product photography to portray your products in right light, literally. You also need to pay attention to the proper angles and the correct background for the professional product pictures. Hiring a professional product photography service can help you achieve this with little effort while ensuring you the best results.


Event Photography


We provide Event & Tradeshow Photography Services for events, meetings, conventions, tradeshows, expos, and corporate outings throughout the world. Our professional photographers have experience in a variety of different types of event photography. We offer some of the most experienced event photographers and reliable event photography at the best prices. To add further value, we also offer a variety of other business and corporate photographs whether at your business or at the event site.

Product Photography

According to experts, product photography with white background is what brings out the best in your product. Infact, if you take a look at the various Ecommerce sites you would find that most business owners opt for product photography with white background. Colored backgrounds though seem attractive, they most often overshadow the products, shifting the focus from them and sometimes even deeming them unattractive. This is one of the main reasons why white product photography experts recommend for shooting products on white background for clicking images of the products.

Though, shooting products on white background may seem like an easy task, this is not the case. You have to pay special attention to the placing of lights and toning them, as you do not want your Product Photos to be too bright or too stark. Hiring a specialized product photography company means that you would get direct insight and assistance from the experts. Thus, you can be assured of some perfect clicks for your products.

E-Commerce Photography

If you really want to get your customers hooked, what you need is not just an impressive line of products but also a great set of product photographs on the shopping website. 

While earlier, business owners clicked the product pictures themselves, lately everyone is going the professional way and hiring E-commerce Product Photography Services. By hiring these services, you can be assured of high quality product photos that would highlight the essential and best features of the products without misleading the customers.

Well, of course clicking pictures is no rocket science. Like, photo shoot for amazon requires understanding the need for proper lighting, choosing the best background for the products and getting the perfect angles. An expert would know all this and more and would be able to help you get the best product pictures.