Dubbing Services

We record high quality video dubbing too with lip sync & time sync for customers all over the globe from our studio in Chennai,India that includes dubbing International language feature films & TV shows for consumption in the world market, as well as original corporate webinars, video games and e-Learning courses. Our full-service production capabilities can also mean that we can take on all aspects of your production – from comprehensive video editing and post-production to e-Learning course integration in over 120 languages all with our client-centered service that ensures your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Fields of expertise


E-learning has really come of age, thanks for the most part to the march of technology. Voice overs for e-learning modules are being integrated more and more as e-learning professionals understand how they help the learning process. E-learning is now often used in organizations both as a supplement, and sometimes as an alternative to conventional teaching methods. It allows them to quickly get staff up to speed with information about their products and services, internal culture, or anything else that they need to know. There is a lot of information new staff needs to absorb when they begin with an organization, and also as they continue on their professional development journey, and the beauty of video or presentation-based training is that it is convenient, portable, and cost-effective.


Audio books

Voice overs for audiobooks have gone from a standing start (the blind-community market not withstanding) to a huge phenomenon in just a few years. An audiobook narration calls for a different set of skills to other commercial voiceover projects and even to other acting jobs too. Just one hour of a finished audiobook can take 6 hours to create, with one hour spent pre-reading it to understand pronunciations and roughly 2 hours of that time used to record the text. Then you’d need to add another 3 hours of sound editing in the studio. And that’s how long it takes an experienced professional who knows how to get through the whole process as efficiently as possible. The voice alone has to bring a novel to life. Our professional narrators know how to sustain a reader’s interest for the whole of a typical 10-hour journey through the story.

Explainer videos

Explainer videos are being used more and more as a way of introducing a product or service that the company wants to market to the public. Voice overs for explainer videos done right can really encourage your target audience to use your product. They are typically short and they feature animations and voice-overs, combining the two to quickly convey what is so great about their new offering. Explainer videos are also a part of the marketing funnel. They can sit on your website, social media pages, or embedded in marketing emails to demonstrate to potential customers how you can solve their problems. They work like advertising, but with less of the hard sell aspect, and if the quality and creativity of the animation is up to scratch, they may even be shared widely.


Integrated Voice Response is great for handling high call volumes, but it’s more than just a way to route your customer’s calls to the right person or to automate customer support. It’s also an opportunity to make the right brand impression. Besides having your customers or prospects more engaged, a professionally recorded IVR will resolve more issues on first contact, ensures that more callers are passed to the appropriate department or the agent who is best able to help them, meaning less likelihood of calls being transferred to someone else. Improves customer service because companies that use an IVR find that their agents become better at dealing with particular issues, and are less likely to confer with colleagues to find an answer. This leads to greater agent and company efficiency. 

Promotional videos

Video will account for 82% of all IP traffic by 2021 (up from 73% in 2016). This means if you want to promote your company, the best way to do it is with video. Producing a great video is still something that can cost a lot, but it doesn’t need to. The cost of producing outstanding professional videos has come down hugely in recent years. Despite the march of technology though, there is still no substitute for the talent, and that’s where a professional voice actor can really sell your brand. You might be trying to promote sales, raise investment, offer instructions, or give advice on your products and services that will also help to create interest in the brand. Or maybe you just want to create a ‘calling card’ for your company. Whatever your objective, it still has to sound right, and that’s why the right voice over is so crucial. 


With the the Internet being a popular platform for advertising, the competition between different brands promoted via TV and radio increased, and so has the demand for professional voice overs for commercials. An ad campaign for a product or service needs to be paired with a professional voice over to match its characteristics. A radio spot for a huge sale at a retail clothing chain will usually sound very different from an ad promoting a perfume. The former will usually fall into the “hard-sell” category, marketing the sale aggressively while conveying a sense of urgency. In the perfume ad on the other hand, the voice actor will express the luxurious feeling associated with wearing it – using a more “delicate”, soft-sell approach.