Data Entry Services

In today’s changing business world, accurate and reliable data entry has a major part to play in generating meaningful information in order to make wise business decisions. Therefore, every business seeking to leverage the power of data must engage itself in top-quality and perfect data entry. We at Cogneesol have assisted several businesses worldwide in this capacity for more than 9 years, focusing on data entry, data conversion and other related services, with an extensive base of expertise in the data entry industry, when compared to other companies in the market nowadays. As a distinguished data entry service provider, we offer all the industries with accurate and reliable data entry services. We make use of state-of-the-art technology, advanced skills as well as refined processes to present the most targeted, precise solutions.

Our team can easily handle large volumes of data entry tasks that you outsource to us and can help you in alleviating your administrative burdens and overhead costs by up to 60%. Our team is methodically trained to ensure that an accuracy rate of 98.9% is maintained throughout. By outsourcing data entry to Cogneesol, you can save money and time and free up staff to make sure that your core business tasks get their due attention. We meticulously evaluate the data based on your requirements and then provide the final output within the specified timeline. All the tasks accomplished by us undergo extensive quality control checks before being sent to you.Our data entry services include : 


  • Accounting Data Entry
  • eCommerce Product Data Entry
  • Image Data Entry
  • Data Capturing and Catalog Data Entry
  • Legal Data Entry
  • Logistics Data Entry (BOL Data Entry)
  • Insurance Claims Data Entry
  • Billing and Invoice Data Entry
  • Website Compilation and Data Entry
  • Online and Offline Data Entry
  • E-book Data Entry

• YellowPages and WhitePages Data Entry
• Sales Contacts and Prospects Data Entry
• Mailing List and Mailing Label Data Entry
• QuickBooks Data Entry
• Real Estate Data Entry
• Business Transaction Data Entry for Purchase, Sales, Payroll and Additional Business Needs
• Microsoft Office Data and Content Entry (PowerPoint, Excel, Word & Pdf Data Entry)Software and Application Data and Content Data Entry

Fields of expertise

Life Sciences

With our Life Sciences translation services, we can help you overcome the challenges related to ever-changing regulatory environments. As many research institutions and companies increasingly outsource and partner abroad, linguistic differences can create great barriers. Whether it’s sharing data, standardizing procedures, monitoring clinical trials or overseeing manufacturing facilities internationally, we can help to ensure that language is not an issue. 

Manufacturing & Engineering

Protelo provides top quality engineering translation services for companies that develop integrated technical systems for manufacturing/production facilities. Our technical translators have studied engineering and/or have worked as engineers at some point in their career. Only a translator with academic training in engineering will be comfortable with translation of advanced technical texts and will be familiar with the correct technical terminology in both the source and target language.

Global Human Resources

Human resources translation is essential for companies that have a workforce from different linguistic backgrounds. Many documents form the basis of communication to maintain a well-informed and educated workforce. A company’s policies and procedures are required to be translated carefully with no room for error since it protects both the company and its employees. Training material and safety practices require accurate translation. We continue to help numerous companies communicate with their employees and meet the special needs of their human resources department. 


Because education is power and e-learning is a fast, efficient and cost-effective way to deliver training. More and more companies are embracing this methodology to educate employees, partners and clients alike. Multinational organizations require learning content and applications to cater to the multicultural needs of learners spread across the world. These courses can be consumed by a large audience without any major changes with the help of our translation services.

Marketing & Branding

Our Global Marketing Translation and Global Branding translation services are for companies that need their brand messages, websites, brochures, flyers, etc for non English markets. Brand Managers and Marketing Managers need to control consistency and accuracy in their messaging in other languages. This challenge often requires a new set of skills, a global mindset, and marketing/branding perspective thinking skills. Our expert linguists are not only certified professionals in advertising translations and marketing translation services, they are also native speakers.

Software & Technology

The rapidly evolving IT industry demands high-quality translation and localization services that will help companies communicate their message to global markets. With proven experience in advanced technology localization and translation services, Protelo is trusted by some of the world’s leading technology companies. We understand that meeting the international demands for your products on every type of device in multiple languages is paramount to your growth and success.

Government & NGOs

The public and non-profit sectors have worked and served globally since transportation and communication systems have made it possible. Communicating in the native language with overseas staff, volunteers and partner organisations is vital to effectively complete the missions of these organisations. Both government and NGOs rely frequently on translations for both routine internal and external communications. 

Media, Publishing & Entertainment

We translate content for some of the largest media companies and publishing houses in the world. Whether you are a news agency requiring news article translations for readers in international markets, or a magazine publisher looking to engage new audiences overseas, we can provide tailored solutions for all your publishing translation requirements. In today’s globalized world, entertainment is one sector which encompasses or caters to all sorts of demographics and market segments. This industry has a huge base of audience, plus it is blessed with a scope to grow further internationally. 

Games & Apps

Our games and apps translation service enables you to get the most out of your multilingual apps or games, whether this is for the launch of your product in another country, or updating your current version for re-launch. Our adaptable workflow can be tailored to your needs, and the needs of your apps, providing you with fully translated content for each of your target languages. In the past few years, the Asian markets involving languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese and so on has be ruling over this market.

Retail & Consumer Goods

The retail landscape is global. It’s not enough to just get your products and services in front of new markets, you have to consolidate, saturate, and regulate to move beyond borders effectively. Protelo helps companies move into new retail markets while keeping the integrity and voice of their brands intact. 

Banking & Finance

When dealing with accounts and monetary transactions, there is no room for miscommunication. In an increasingly global economy, translating financial documents is essential for international commerce. With a sprawling network of native translators, Protelo has the expertise to interpret and translate a multitude of documents for banking and business purposes. As economic interactions transcend borders, our communications must transcend language barriers.


Professional legal translation is a highly specialised field that requires precision and consistency as well as a thorough understanding of the law. You can rely on our network of lawyers and legal translators for accurate, high quality translations in the best timeframes. At Protelo, we provide professional legal translation of a wide range of documents for legal departments and law firms in more than 120 languages.

Oil & Gas

Protelo has a strong participation in the Oil and Gas industry. As the global demand for energy rises, the Oil and Gas industry has a wide range of challenges and opportunities across upstream, midstream, downstream and oilfield service sectors. We are here to help these sectors optimise their potential by helping them engage more meaningfully with international markets. 


 Language isn’t a barrier—it’s a doorway to new opportunities. Since the inception of the internet, it’s biggest advantage has been its ability to reach millions of people around the world instantaneously, and therefore it is no surprise that e-Commerce has become one of the largest markets among various industries. E-commerce translations make your virtual shop window available to new customers which is especially important when you consider that almost 90% of European citizens have reported they prefer content in their native language. 

Travel & Tourism

Travel and tourism have transformed over the past decade, with the Internet, budget flights, ecotourism and luxury travel radically changing the landscape. As traditional travel agents are becoming outmoded, organisations must ensure they get the message across to their customers in the most effective way possible – to encourage online sales while lowering dependency on call centre support. Whether you are a hotel, an airline or a holiday guide, we can translate catalogues, brochures, travel guides, menus and promotional material.